• Soup of the day: celery
  • Hummus: soy
  • Tzatziki: milk
  • Falafel: none
  • Artichoke with dipping sauce: mustard
  • Holstein with hummus: soya
  • Seasonal salad with feta: milk
  • Meatballs in Provencal sauce: none
  • Marinated chicken wings: milk
  • Shrimp croquettes: gluten, shellfish, egg, milk
  • Scampis with a marinade: shellfish
  • Squids with garlic & parsley: fish
  • French fries from the oven with vinaigrette: milk
  • Risotto with forest mushrooms with parmesan: lactose
  • Rice with peas and broad beans: none
  • Stuffed eggplant with mozzarella: milk
  • Moussaka: milk, gluten
  • Moussaka veggie: soy, milk, gluten
  • Pasta with shiitake, mushrooms & parmesan: gluten
  • Pasta balls in provencal sauce with parmesan: gluten
  • Pasta pesto: gluten
  • Quiche Greco feta: gluten, lactose, nuts, sesame, egg, soy traces
  • Quiche Provençale: gluten, lactose, nuts, sesame, egg, soy traces
  • Tomato Burrata: milk
  • Pita bread: gluten
  • Vinaigrette with salad: egg, mustard
  • café de sud sud sauce: soya


  • Baklava: nuts, gluten
  • Panna Cotta: lactose
  • crème brulée: egg, lactose,
  • Chocolate cake gluten free: egg, soy, milk
  • Tiramisud: milk, egg, gluten
  • Brownie with pecan & anglaise: gluten, nuts, eggs, lactose
  • Sarah's suggestions: gluten, nuts, eggs, lactose
  • Pastel de nata: egg, lactose, nuts, gluten

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